Shandre Prince: Guiding Delicious NW RVK with Confidence

Confidence Rule #27: Having the right support can get you through the unthinkable.

Shandre Prince proudly serves as the captain of Delicious NW RVK. He considers to be part of this group of players a profound privilege and honour as he leads his team on the field.

Shandre reflects on his journey:
“First of all it is a great privilege to be part of the group players and what an honour to lead such a great group of guys,” said a proud Shandre Prince.

“I joined Delicious NW RVK in 2019. Started on the flank and then later made the shift to lock. My rugby journey got underway while at Laerskool Klawer where I played fly-half. In 2010, we moved to Upington, where I completed my high school career at Upington High School. In 2012, I was selected to be part of the 1st XV and had the privilege of playing alongside Jasper Wiese that year.”

“In 2019, I secured a job in Clanwilliam, which led me to join Delicious NW. I have truly grown as a person and a player, thanks to my teammates and coaches. I’ve developed a deep love for the type of rugby played in the Boland league and for our reliable and loyal supporters who come out every weekend to support us.”

Over the past two years the rise of live-streaming matches has really propelled players into virtually household names across the Boland Rugby Union – a union which stretches across 13 municipalities and has roughly 18,000 registered club players. The advent of accesibilty to club rugby matches from the comfort of your mobile device has propelled the Boland club player into the spotlight while showcasing the talent within every team and club.

“The generous sponsors have played a pivotal role in making these experiences possible. My hope is for this momentum to continue growing because, without a doubt, our team has the potential. It merely requires the right guidance to steer us toward greater success. I hold firm in my belief that Boland will produce players destined to represent South Africa.

“As young men, we carry the responsibility to be exemplary role models for ourselves and for the aspiring boys and girls in our community. In the game of rugby, we find not just sport but a remedy for many challenges within our communities.”

In conclusion, Shandre Prince’s journey is a narrative of confidence and community impact. His dedication to Delicious NW RVK in Clanwilliam exemplifies the power of rugby, both on and off the field. As captain, Shandre’s leadership stands as a beacon for aspiring players and a source of inspiration for the community at large.