Rodwill Jonkers: A Journey of Confidence and Community Impact

Confidence Rule #50: The Best Thinking is Future-Thinking.

By William Mugal | Photographs: Bernadette Louw

Rodwill Jonkers, a formidable force in the world of rugby, exemplifies the profound connection between confidence and success. His story, shaped by dedication, family support, and a deep love for the game, unfolds as a testament to the transformative power of rugby within the community at his club, Saldanha Bay RFC.

The Power of Prayer and Individual Confidence

“Firstly, prayer carries strength in everything you begin and end,” Jonkers begins, emphasising the strength found in prayer at the beginning and end of every endeavour. “I think that is where individual confidence begins,” he adds, acknowledging that individual confidence finds its roots in belief. For Jonkers, this confidence extends into every aspect of his life, both on and off the rugby field.

Family Motivation and the Love for the Game

Jonkers draws inspiration and motivation from his support circle, particularly his children, Larkham and Aria-Rose. “My children are my biggest motivation,” he states. The preparation, confidence, experience, and love for the game are all intertwined with this core confidence, creating a foundation for success.

Jonkers cherishes the 80 minutes on the field, considering it his “free space between the four lines with and without the ball.” It is within these lines that he finds joy in running alongside his teammates. The camaraderie shared with coaches and fellow players is the driving force behind the good decisions he makes both on and off the field.

As a member of the Saldanha Bay RFC, Jonkers emphasises the importance of being ambassadors for positive decision-making within the community. He expresses gratitude for those who contribute to the club. As a rugby player, Jonkers believes it is crucial to set a good example for the community’s children, fostering positivity and guiding them toward making the right decisions.

Sport’s Transformative Power in Community Life

He reflects on the profound impact sports, particularly rugby, can have on changing lives. “Sport has the power to change lives,” he affirms, recognising the potential for positive transformation within the community. The club’s involvement in community development goes beyond the field, instilling values that extend into the broader lives of the youth.

Rodwill Jonkers’ journey sends a strong message of confidence, family support, and community impact. His commitment to good decision-making, both in rugby and community leadership, underscores the transformative power of sports. Through gratitude and dedication, Jonkers stands as a role model, illustrating how rugby can be a catalyst for positive change within the lives of individuals and the broader community.