Living with Confidence: The Confident Player Series – Jared Manus

By Kenton Kiewiets | Photo credit: Clint Manuel (Royal Photography)

In the world of rugby, confidence can be the difference between victory and defeat. A confident player not only believes in their abilities but also draws strength from the unwavering support of their teammates. Jared Manus, a talented player from Bella Vista RFC in Ceres, understands the profound impact that confidence can have on an athlete’s performance. As part of our Confident Player series, we delve into what inspires Jared to live with confidence on and off the rugby field.

Believing and Trusting in Yourself

“For me, as a player, living with confidence means believing and trusting in yourself, knowing that you have the ability to perform at your utmost best,” says Manus. Confidence, as he puts it, is the foundation upon which every rugby player builds their game. It is the unwavering belief in their own skills that propels them to reach their full potential.

Team Support and Unwavering Belief

Confidence, however, is not a solitary pursuit for Jared. He emphasises that the support and belief of his teammates play a pivotal role in maintaining his confidence throughout the season. “There is not a specific moment because when your teammates believe in you and back you as a player, I feel confident in every game I play,” he explains. The collective confidence of the team becomes a powerful force that drives their success. Rugby is a team sport, and it’s in the tight-knit bonds forged on and off the field that true confidence flourishes. “Knowing that whenever I’m backed into a corner, my teammates are there to support me, and that makes me feel confident and motivated,” Jared explains. The knowledge that he can always rely on his fellow players serves as a source of strength that propels him forward.

In rugby, mistakes are inevitable. Even the most skilled players can falter on occasion. But what separates a confident player like Jared is their ability to embrace these moments of adversity. It is the resilience to bounce back from setbacks that fuels his confidence. “By knowing that I can still make mistakes but that does not define me as a human being, the comeback is always greater than the setback, and that is what gives me the confidence to strive and always be better,”

Lifting Players Up

Manus believes that confidence is not just a personal attribute but a collective one. He encourages rugby fans to adopt a positive perspective when watching the game. “Do not watch a rugby game with the mindset of criticising, but rather with the perspective that players are also human and also make mistakes. Lift players up and support them to be better; that will ensure confidence and also boost a player’s morale to strive for greatness,” he advises. The fans’ support plays a significant role in nurturing the confidence of rugby players, creating a positive cycle of inspiration.

In conclusion, confidence is the heartbeat of rugby, and Jared Manus exemplifies what it means to live with confidence. Believing in oneself, drawing strength from teammates, embracing mistakes, and fostering an environment of support are key elements that define Jared’s journey as a confident player. As we continue our Confident Player series, we gain insights from inspiring athletes like Jared, who remind us that confidence is not just a word; it is a way of life on and off the rugby field.