Keanan Solomons: The Essence of Confidence in Rugby

Confidence Rule #42: Slow and Steady Builds the Nest Egg.

by Ashley Lotz | Photograph: Tersia Joy

Keanan Solomons, a seasoned rugby player hailing from Wesbank RFC, embodies the true spirit of confidence both on and off the field. His journey, marked by determination, serves as a testament to what a player can achieve through self-belief.

His rugby story began – as most South African kids’ stories do – at the tender age of 7, evolving through the years as he played for Schoonspruit Secondary and eventually captained the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) rugby team in 2023 in the prestigious Varsity Shield competition.

Currently donning the number 8 jersey for his home team, Wesbank RFC, Solomons reflects on the paramount role that confidence plays in shaping his success.

Photograph: Ashley Lotz

Overcoming Adversity: A Tale of Confidence

In the face of adversity, Keanan encountered a pivotal moment during his school playing days when a fractural injury threatened to end his rugby aspirations. Initially, he was advised that he may never fully recover to return to the rugby field. However, with unwavering determination and resilience, and multiple visits to physiotherapists, Solomons not only fully recovered but also returned to the rugby field stronger than ever.

“I remember my first match back after this injury, I got an award for Player of the Match,” Solomons said as he reflected.

As a final year student at the CPUT, aspiring to become a teacher, he sets ambitious life goals. His journey is marked by dedication and an unshakeable confidence in his abilities.

Photograph: Varsity Cup

“This confidence is not only a driving force for my personal achievement but also a means for me to give back to my community. Through training school rugby players and local kids, I hope to instill a strong sense of purpose and determination, fostering success in every aspect of life.”

In the realm of rugby, Solomons emphasises the importance of being a team player. Recognising that this sport thrives on collective effort, he values the confidence of his teammates and advocates for a positive mindset before every match. Supported by his family and fellow team members, his confidence becomes a contagious force that motivates others in his community.

Having captained teams throughout his rugby career, including his university team in the WP league, Solomons’ confidence has not only propelled his personal growth but also motivated others in his club and garnered the admiration of fans.

His younger brother, Cowen, follows in his footsteps by wearing the number eight jersey for St. Thomas Primary, the legacy of confidence, leadership, and inspiration continues to thrive within the Solomons family.

Keanan Solomons’ rugby journey is a testament to the transformative power of confidence. Through overcoming adversity, setting, and achieving ambitious goals, and fostering team spirit within his community, Keanan stands as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring rugby players and future leaders.