By Kenton Kiewiets | Fotos: Renaldo Ruiters

Confidence Rule #15: If you’re going to owe anyone anything, make sure it’s a favour.

In the heart of Boland Rugby, where passion and commitment intertwine with the spirit of the game, Robertson RFC stands tall, driven by the experienced and dedicated head coach, Jeromy Joseph. As they gear up for the Sanlam Boland Top12 final against Safcol United on 2 December, Coach Joseph reflects on the journey of his team and the dynamics of this year’s competition.

“At the beginning of the year, we had a mix of experienced and inexperienced players,” Jeromy Joseph reveals. “Our pre-season was intense, focusing on the basics and evaluating players based on their understanding and execution during training. Through friendly matches, every player had their chance to shine, leading to the selection of a 40-man squad. Rotation became a key strategy during league matches, ensuring players stayed fresh and avoided excessive fatigue.”

Despite early challenges, including defeats against Young Hamiltons and Montagu Villagers, Robertson RFC embarked on a remarkable 17-game winning streak. “The belief and confidence among the players are robust,” notes Jeromy. “This confidence, I attribute to a growing sense of family within the team, cultivated through shared personal information sessions and constant communication between players and coaching staff.

“At the beginning of the year [2023], I introduced many young players, some as young as 18 years old. As the season progressed, the players grew closer, playing for each other, and building a strong sense of confidence. Throughout the season, our unity prevailed, allowing us to compete against the best teams in the Top12 competition.”

Reflecting on the Sanlam Boland Top12, Jeromy emphasises the significant strides Boland has made, especially in terms of sponsorships. “Boland has made a significant impact with their sponsors, setting a high standard for others. Their engagement with communities, especially schools, is well-received,” he comments. This year’s Top12 has been notably more professionally handled, with increased exposure for players and substantial support from sponsors.

Jeromy Joseph’s coaching tenure at Robertson RFC spans from 1999 to 2023, witnessing the team’s rise. His coaching legacy includes championship victories, promotions for various clubs, and a steadfast commitment to developing rugby talent.

As the spotlight intensifies for the upcoming final, Jeromy Joseph stands at the helm, leading his team with a blend of experience, confidence, and a profound sense of unity—a testament to the rugby culture thriving at Robertson RFC.