Confident and charismatic young leader of Young Hamiltons

Confidence Rule #30: To Protect What Matters, You Need to Know What Matters

By Melvin Oerson | Photos: Chantal Martinus

Philbrey Joseph, the charismatic leader of Young Hamiltons RFC, exemplifies the essence of confidence in rugby. As part of our Confident Player series, we delve into what inspires Philbrey to live with confidence, showcasing his impact both on and off the field during the Sanlam Boland Top12 competition. As part of our Confident Player series, we delve into what inspires Philbrey to live with confidence on and off the rugby field.

Philbrey Joseph emphasises that confidence is vital in rugby, extending beyond individual performance to influence teamwork, decision-making, and mental toughness. As a team leader, he believes playing with confidence uplifts morale, making decisions easier and fostering a positive team dynamic.

Reflecting on his career, Philbrey highlights various confident moments.

“I have played for a few great teams and with talented and hardworking teammates, but I regard leading the Young Hamiltons team in the Boland Top 12 competition as the pinnacle of my rugby career,” said Joseph. “The experience we gain from competing on what can be deemed as the biggest provincial club rugby stage in South Africa is unmeasurable and so vitally important. We get to showcase our talents, compete against the best in the Boland, and build sound lasting relationships while playing this game we enjoy.”

The former UWC Varsity Shield player extends his commitment to confidence beyond the rugby field. In his professional life, he strives for excellence, approaching his work with diligence. At home, he aspires to be the “best” dad, setting an example for his sons to look up to. Joseph’s dedication to confidence is evident in every facet of his life.

Inspired by the Springboks’ slogan Stronger Together, Young Hamiltons embodies unity in their brand of rugby. A clear communication system within the team facilitates effective goal setting, boosting his confidence to perform at his best.

Philbrey Joseph imparts a valuable lesson from his experiences.

“Always be a role model to others by recognising the influence we as players have on the community, we represent is paramount to inspire the next generation.”

The loose forward’s journey as a confident player includes key areas like his leadership, commitment to excellence, and understanding of the profound impact of confidence on team dynamics. This makes him a pivotal player for Young Hamiltons.

In this edition of the Confident Player series, we celebrate players like Philbrey Joseph who embody the spirit of living with confidence, both as athletes and role models within their communities.