The Sanlam Boland Top12 final is set to take place this weekend at the Boland Rugby Stadium in Wellington. Included on the day will be the contesting of the Gemeenskapskild, Streekuitdaag, and Women’s competition final.

The first matches kick-off at 10h00 with Safcol United and Robertson Town facing off at 16h00. All matches will be broadcast live on the SuperSport Schools App.

We do not want you to miss any of the action and for added motivation, here are 12 main reasons why you should make your way through to Wellington:

  1. Robertson Town and Safcol United have not lost a single match in this year’s Sanlam Boland Top12 competition setting the scene for an epic and memorable match.

2. Safcol United will be going for their third tournament win of the 2023 club rugby season.

3. This year was Safcol United’s first time in the Top12 competition.

4. Robertson are playing in their second final, previous one was in 2017 which they lost to Roses 48-24.

5. All matches on the day will be broadcast live on the SuperSport Schools App.

6. Spectators and fans attending the finals in Wellington stand a chance to win exciting spot prizes.

7. Three players – Connor Mahoney, Benjamin Dwayi, and Jovelian de Koker – who are all nominated more than twice in the Sanlam Confident Player, Back, or Forward of the Tournament, will play in the Sanlam Boland Top12 final.

8. The majority of the commentators part of the SuperSport team are regular Boland voices and names.

9. Experience the spirit of the ‘1.2 million’ Robertson Town supporters.

10. Spectators have the chance to form part of the matches during the lemonbreuke and halftime through the Sanlam Confident fan, Santam Dance Challenge, and Tekkie Town Dash.

11. See the Miss Boland Top12 announced after a careful selection and consideration from all Sanlam Boland Top12 clubs.

12. Purchase one ticket for R40 (adults) and R20 (children) and get to watch not only the Sanlam Boland Top12 final but three including the Streeksuitdaag, Gemeenskapskild, and Women’s division finals.